My name is Miranda and I am a 23 year old from beautiful, sunny Southern California. My passions include coffee, eating well, DIY projects, photography, little cafés, adventures to new places and… did I already mention coffee?

{The dream: to one day open up a unique coffee shop}

I have always had a passion for helping others, whether it be from a simple smile to gain another smile, or more complex as to guiding someone through a rough patch in their life. I found the subject of Psychology to be fascinating in my late high school years after taking an AP Psych class. Four years later, I had earned my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. Knowledge I will not take advantage of in my future.

I also love food – all types. I am rarely picky. I find creativity in cooking and/or baking. I absolutely love creating things from scratch. I have learned so many of my cooking and baking techniques from my Mama and Grandmother. Both are guru’s in the kitchen and I aspire to be them one day. If I could name one food weakness… it would definitely be ice cream.

I have a wonderful family, all of which I am thankful for each day. A stay-at-home mother who makes the most delicious meals each night; a hard-working father who spends his evenings perfecting his skills on the bass guitar; and a young brother, a photographer and car expert, who I cannot wait to see grow into the amazing man he already shows to be.

Then there is the college sweetheart (not as commonly spoken about as a high school sweetheart, but I can promise you it’s real none-the-less). His fascinating mind encompasses even the most complex questions in science, while his rough yet gentle hands can craft just about anything with simple carving tools and rustic wood. This is the man who holds my heart.

And last but certainly not least… My favorite place to be is near the sea.


WittyWaves was created to allow me to share my thoughts and interests with you. Items under my Art section will be sold on my personal Etsy Shop here.

All photography was taken by yours truly with either an iPhone or Nikon D5100. You are welcome to use the photos, just please give credit and a link back to the page originated. Thank you kindly!


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