Weekend Snapshot {Between Storms}

Storms in Southern California? Wasn’t El Niño supposed to happen months ago?

Though this rain storm wasn’t planned, it was much needed. Back in June 2016, less than six months from this date, Los Angeles had recorded it’s driest 5-year period since record-keeping began almost 140 years ago.

Thankfully, we are starting to see improvements!! In fact….

“Los Angeles is experiencing its wettest winter in years, with 14.33 inches of rain since October — more than 200% of average. That’s nearly as much rain as the city gets in a typical year.” – L.A. Times

I would say that is definitely an improvement. Being a Southern California local, I can say with utmost confidence that we were absolutely blessed with this rain.

This past weekend, between storms, I spent some quality time with my one and only. A little bit of rain didn’t stop this guy from driving two hours to visit this little beach town I call home.

First stop upon arrival… COFFEE. If you knew us both, you would probably say we were “meant to be” simply due to our love for coffee. And what better place to spend a rainy afternoon than at a favorite local coffee shop? BEST COFFEE IN TOWN is an accurate advertising for this little place. In fact, they make one of my favorite brews – Killer Dana – named after the local city of Dana Point, CA.


Later that evening, we decided to try a new spot downtown – H.H. Cottons. Together we enjoyed burgers, beers, and overall good company from the employees within the restaurant.


Recommended items on the menu:

  • Saint Maria Burger {Tri-tip, pico, black pepper aioli, grilled brioche}
  • Saint Clement Burger {Herb goat cheese, butter lettuce, caramelized pears, arugula, black pepper aioli}
  • Side Mashed Potatoes
  • Artifex, Left Coast, Lost Winds {Local Brews on Tap}



Additional Reading – California Dought

California drought shrinks to smallest level in years

Before and After: The Rain’s Impact

Nearly Half of California Is No Longer in a Drought


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