The Silly Feeling of {Guilt}

(n.) A feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong; or haven’t done something right.

Guilt is such a funny feeling… and yet, I must admit, it’s such a common theme in my life.

More times than not, I feel guilty when I haven’t done at least one productive task in a day. I find it very difficult to simply take time to take a deep breath and relax. I may sit for a record of one-minute (maybe two… if I’m lucky), and immediately think of something I should be doing.

Back at the University, friends would look at me incredulously as I explained I almost never sat down during the day (During that time, something as simple as a nap seemed nearly impossible). As I explained this silly quirk of mine, I realized inside I felt torn between pride and regret. I was proud of how much I could complete in a day, but ended my day exhausted… making the next day even harder to complete the next tasks in line.

Sure, guilt serves a purpose in our goals and shortcomings, but should we really be dwelling on these things? Why is it so hard to simply give our mind and body a break? What if dwelling on unfinished tasks only slow our growth?

On No Sidebar, a blog with a collection of articles to help individuals live a simpler life, I found an article written by Erica Layne, another inspiring blogger. In her article, she outlines 7 things we shouldn’t feel guilty about. One, specifically about sitting down and taking time for yourself, really stood out to me:

Sitting down doesn’t always come at the cost of your productivity: It might just make you more effective when you get back up.

Seems pretty accurate to me, I’ll have to test it out sometime.

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