Cheers {To Healing}

“Does Southern California even have a winter?”

Sometimes even I ask myself this question. I have lived in Southern California for 13 years now, and am still in awe of the unbalanced ratio of warm and cold days throughout an entire year (not that I am complaining!). Although Southern California only gets chilly for a few months of the year (if you could call 50’s at night chilly), unfortunately, the presence of the cold and flu season isn’t completely eliminated.

“The common cold, or rhinovirus infection, is an upper-respiratory tract infection that can produce mucus, congestion and a runny nose. Infections result in inflammation — the body’s natural defense mechanism that destroys bacteria and viruses.” – Jan Millehan

Along with an abundance fluids, Vitamin C, and rest, a report from the Linus Pauling Institute provides insight on the benefits of a glass of red wine during a cold. I know what your thinking… wine?? How could this possibly be beneficial for my cold??

We have all heard a glass of red wine is “good” for us, but shall we dig a little deeper into the research behind the simple statement? In an article by Jan Millehan, she describes the benefits of flavonoids on our every day health. Flavanoids, or antioxidant-like plant substances, are mostly found in fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes – from which red wine is derived. These flavonoids act as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. With an abundance of flavonoids in red wine, it is suggested that drinking a glass during a cold may reduce inflammation as well as the excess mucus and phlegm in both the nasal and airway passages.

Another beneficial compound found in the skin of grapes is Resveratrol, believed to prevent certain molecules in our bodies from being produced – both of which increase inflammation. Symptoms from a common cold, such as inflammation and mucous buildup (both in the nose and chest), may benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects from Resveratrol.


All this science and talk of wine is making me thirsty… I think I may go and pour myself a glass! I am getting over a cold, after all!




*Please note, if you plan on having a glass or two of wine during your cold….

  • Do NOT mix with medication.
  • Make sure you are keeping up on fluids (water, gatorade, etc.) to avoid dehydration.


Still not convinced? Continue Reading:

How a glass or two of wine can help beat those colds – Daily Mail, by Jenny Hope

Red Wine Can Help Cure Your Cold – The Daily Meal, by Arianna Vasseghi



Photo: Taken in Paso Robles, CA. 


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