Weekend Snapshot {Sick Days}

Hello flu season, goodbye accumulated sick days…

We all know the initial symptoms of a cold and/or a flu. Although they are a bit different in everyone, depending on the virus and overall health of the individual, we all, at one point, experience exhaustion and discomfort.

I spent this weekend wrapped in blankets, chugging green tea as if it would simply wash away the pain. I probably had about a gallon per day {no joke}. We all know tea has been labeled “good” for us, but I decided to dig a bit deeper. In the days spent cuddled up drinking my green tea, I furthered my learning on herbal teas and the benefits of each – specifically ones I, personally, didn’t know much about.


Rosehip tea

I really wish I had this one in the home while I was sick. Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush and are said to be one of the best sources of Vitamin C {as a plant source, that is}. This type of tea would be ideal for drinking on the onset of cold or flu symptoms.

Lemon Balm Tea

Some say this tea is the best for the “winter blahs” or the meh feeling you get when its just too cold, too wet, or too depressing to go outside – or even to be productive indoors. Lemon Balm is specifically good at lifting one’s spirits and improving concentration. This also makes it perfect for stress and anxiety.

Rooibos tea

Another antioxidant boosting tea I wish I had in my cupboard! The Rooibos tea, which is most largely grown in South Africa, shows to have very high amounts of Vitamin C and other minerals. Another plus, it may be able to help with certain skin concerns, such as eczema.

Ginger Tea

I have never been a fan of ginger, whether it be on a side dish in a sushi bar or in a ginger candy… but I would be up for trying Ginger in tea form! It has been found to be ideal for any kind of nausea or upset stomach due to motion sickness. It can also be a perfect germ-fighting combination if mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey. Much needed for the cold I have been fighting!


As you can see there are many health benefits from a variety of different herbal teas. I, however, have simply summarized findings from a variety of different sites. If you’re interested in more, I welcome you to engage in the research provided on Science Daily or other credible sites!



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