Weekend Snapshot {Between Storms}

Storms in Southern California? Wasn’t El Niño supposed to happen months ago?

Though this rain storm wasn’t planned, it was much needed. Back in June 2016, less than six months from this date, Los Angeles had recorded it’s driest 5-year period since record-keeping began almost 140 years ago.

Thankfully, we are starting to see improvements!! In fact….

“Los Angeles is experiencing its wettest winter in years, with 14.33 inches of rain since October — more than 200% of average. That’s nearly as much rain as the city gets in a typical year.” – L.A. Times

I would say that is definitely an improvement. Being a Southern California local, I can say with utmost confidence that we were absolutely blessed with this rain.

This past weekend, between storms, I spent some quality time with my one and only. A little bit of rain didn’t stop this guy from driving two hours to visit this little beach town I call home.

First stop upon arrival… COFFEE. If you knew us both, you would probably say we were “meant to be” simply due to our love for coffee. And what better place to spend a rainy afternoon than at a favorite local coffee shop? BEST COFFEE IN TOWN is an accurate advertising for this little place. In fact, they make one of my favorite brews – Killer Dana – named after the local city of Dana Point, CA.


Later that evening, we decided to try a new spot downtown – H.H. Cottons. Together we enjoyed burgers, beers, and overall good company from the employees within the restaurant.


Recommended items on the menu:

  • Saint Maria Burger {Tri-tip, pico, black pepper aioli, grilled brioche}
  • Saint Clement Burger {Herb goat cheese, butter lettuce, caramelized pears, arugula, black pepper aioli}
  • Side Mashed Potatoes
  • Artifex, Left Coast, Lost Winds {Local Brews on Tap}



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The Silly Feeling of {Guilt}

(n.) A feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong; or haven’t done something right.

Guilt is such a funny feeling… and yet, I must admit, it’s such a common theme in my life.

More times than not, I feel guilty when I haven’t done at least one productive task in a day. I find it very difficult to simply take time to take a deep breath and relax. I may sit for a record of one-minute (maybe two… if I’m lucky), and immediately think of something I should be doing.

Back at the University, friends would look at me incredulously as I explained I almost never sat down during the day (During that time, something as simple as a nap seemed nearly impossible). As I explained this silly quirk of mine, I realized inside I felt torn between pride and regret. I was proud of how much I could complete in a day, but ended my day exhausted… making the next day even harder to complete the next tasks in line.

Sure, guilt serves a purpose in our goals and shortcomings, but should we really be dwelling on these things? Why is it so hard to simply give our mind and body a break? What if dwelling on unfinished tasks only slow our growth?

On No Sidebar, a blog with a collection of articles to help individuals live a simpler life, I found an article written by Erica Layne, another inspiring blogger. In her article, she outlines 7 things we shouldn’t feel guilty about. One, specifically about sitting down and taking time for yourself, really stood out to me:

Sitting down doesn’t always come at the cost of your productivity: It might just make you more effective when you get back up.

Seems pretty accurate to me, I’ll have to test it out sometime.

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Cheers {To Healing}

“Does Southern California even have a winter?”

Sometimes even I ask myself this question. I have lived in Southern California for 13 years now, and am still in awe of the unbalanced ratio of warm and cold days throughout an entire year (not that I am complaining!). Although Southern California only gets chilly for a few months of the year (if you could call 50’s at night chilly), unfortunately, the presence of the cold and flu season isn’t completely eliminated.

“The common cold, or rhinovirus infection, is an upper-respiratory tract infection that can produce mucus, congestion and a runny nose. Infections result in inflammation — the body’s natural defense mechanism that destroys bacteria and viruses.” – Jan Millehan

Along with an abundance fluids, Vitamin C, and rest, a report from the Linus Pauling Institute provides insight on the benefits of a glass of red wine during a cold. I know what your thinking… wine?? How could this possibly be beneficial for my cold??

We have all heard a glass of red wine is “good” for us, but shall we dig a little deeper into the research behind the simple statement? In an article by Jan Millehan, she describes the benefits of flavonoids on our every day health. Flavanoids, or antioxidant-like plant substances, are mostly found in fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes – from which red wine is derived. These flavonoids act as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. With an abundance of flavonoids in red wine, it is suggested that drinking a glass during a cold may reduce inflammation as well as the excess mucus and phlegm in both the nasal and airway passages.

Another beneficial compound found in the skin of grapes is Resveratrol, believed to prevent certain molecules in our bodies from being produced – both of which increase inflammation. Symptoms from a common cold, such as inflammation and mucous buildup (both in the nose and chest), may benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects from Resveratrol.


All this science and talk of wine is making me thirsty… I think I may go and pour myself a glass! I am getting over a cold, after all!




*Please note, if you plan on having a glass or two of wine during your cold….

  • Do NOT mix with medication.
  • Make sure you are keeping up on fluids (water, gatorade, etc.) to avoid dehydration.


Still not convinced? Continue Reading:

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Red Wine Can Help Cure Your Cold – The Daily Meal, by Arianna Vasseghi



Photo: Taken in Paso Robles, CA. 

Weekend Snapshot {Sick Days}

Hello flu season, goodbye accumulated sick days…

We all know the initial symptoms of a cold and/or a flu. Although they are a bit different in everyone, depending on the virus and overall health of the individual, we all, at one point, experience exhaustion and discomfort.

I spent this weekend wrapped in blankets, chugging green tea as if it would simply wash away the pain. I probably had about a gallon per day {no joke}. We all know tea has been labeled “good” for us, but I decided to dig a bit deeper. In the days spent cuddled up drinking my green tea, I furthered my learning on herbal teas and the benefits of each – specifically ones I, personally, didn’t know much about.


Rosehip tea

I really wish I had this one in the home while I was sick. Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush and are said to be one of the best sources of Vitamin C {as a plant source, that is}. This type of tea would be ideal for drinking on the onset of cold or flu symptoms.

Lemon Balm Tea

Some say this tea is the best for the “winter blahs” or the meh feeling you get when its just too cold, too wet, or too depressing to go outside – or even to be productive indoors. Lemon Balm is specifically good at lifting one’s spirits and improving concentration. This also makes it perfect for stress and anxiety.

Rooibos tea

Another antioxidant boosting tea I wish I had in my cupboard! The Rooibos tea, which is most largely grown in South Africa, shows to have very high amounts of Vitamin C and other minerals. Another plus, it may be able to help with certain skin concerns, such as eczema.

Ginger Tea

I have never been a fan of ginger, whether it be on a side dish in a sushi bar or in a ginger candy… but I would be up for trying Ginger in tea form! It has been found to be ideal for any kind of nausea or upset stomach due to motion sickness. It can also be a perfect germ-fighting combination if mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey. Much needed for the cold I have been fighting!


As you can see there are many health benefits from a variety of different herbal teas. I, however, have simply summarized findings from a variety of different sites. If you’re interested in more, I welcome you to engage in the research provided on Science Daily or other credible sites!


Throwback Thursday {Venturous Soul}

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to take a road trip of a lifetime… AND I was fortunate enough to take the trip with my adventurous Mama (and pup). Beginning our journey in beautiful Southern California, we made our way through the scorching deserts of Nevada, the monumental red rocks of Utah, the breathtaking mountains of Colorado, the vast farmland of Kansas, and on to a quaint town of Hannibal, Missouri.


(v.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

How could you not fall head over heels in love with this word? Often used by the modern Greeks, the meaning carries so much more than meets the eye. An article by the name of Translating the Untranslatable provides the most realistic translations to words from a plethora of languages around the world. The article summarizes the book In Other Words: A Language Lover’s Guide to the Most Intriguing Words Around the World.

This word, in particular, is one I would love to incorporate into my every day life. I have always been one to believe you must have a passion in the work you are doing – not only to be successful, but to be truly happy.

However, the definition goes beyond simply having this passion and uniqueness. In the Greek language, Meraki was often used to describe even the simplest of tasks such as preparing a meal, setting an elegant table, or decorating space within a home.

This word teaches us to do more with soul, more with creativity, and more with love – while adding a touch that’s uniquely YOU.

Words are truly beautiful.